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    Accelerator for startups in Belgium & Luxembourg who are looking for growth opportunities

  • Why Orange Fab?

    Accelerate your growth and get stronger!

    Orange Fab Belgium & Luxembourg

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Orange Fab in Belgium & Luxembourg is to deploy locally relevant innovations through partnerships with the local eco-system and support this startups eco-system in its international expansion.

  • Accelerator for startups based in Belgium and Luxembourg

    We help scale-ups based in Belgium or Luxembourg

    Orange Fab is the startup accelerator for Orange. It’s a three-month program that works with exceptional mature startups that are changing how people connect and communicate. The goal is to help scale-ups based in Belgium or Luxembourg to grow their businesses and build innovative products and services that improve people’s lives.

    Scale your Startup

    Strong focus on Scaling

    Orange is searching for scale-ups with existing products who are looking for growth and distribution opportunities. We help scale-ups with innovative products and services that meet the strategy and commercial interest of Orange.

    Driven by Mentorship​

    Mentorship from coaches, thought-leaders, industry experts & investors

    Those accepted into the program will receive mentorship from coaches, thought-leaders, industry experts, and investors. We offer workshops, coaching sessions and matchmaking with mentors, all tailored to the needs of each scale-up. Orange Fab is also intended for startups that are interested in developing business with Business Unit of Orange and accessing the distribution channels, markets, executive expertise, and global footprint of Orange and its partners.

    Why would you join our Accelerator?

    Unique benefits for startups

    • Post-grad approach = strong focus on scaling. We go further than early stage accelerators.
    • Distribution via large partner network and access to Orange group
    • Mentorship by Orange intrapreneurs, Members of the Executive Committee and mentors network
    • International Demo Day in Paris
  • Selection starts September 2018

    Applications for Season 2 are open

  • 15 May - 15 July 2018

    Qualification phase

    12 September 2018

    Selection phase

    17 September - 17 December 2018

    Acceleration phase

  • Alumni

    Congrats to the 3 winning startups for being selected for the 1st season of Orange Fab Belux!

  • 3-month ​Post grad Accelerator

    for mature startups with validated products and want to develop business with Business Unit of Orange.

    Growth & Distribution

    Build amazing reach through accessing Orange’s channels.

    Get access to the Orange brand, the wide range of customers, the knowledge of experts, the channels of promotion and the Orange Belgium & Luxembourg distribution network.

    International network

    Be part of the global Orange network to raise your bar.

    Grow your innovative products and services through accessing Orange’s international customers base and global footprint.

    Direct access to Orange decision makers

    Learn from the mentors we will bring to you, tailored to your needs.

    Learn from the mentors we will select with you, tailored to your needs’ ‘Get direct support from an Orange intrapreneur, as well as get access to one member of the Executive Committee, who will act as a direct bridge between your startup and Orange.

  • What is Orange Fab not?

    Not an investment platform

    Orange fab is a free program, meaning you do not have to contribute equity. Orange Fab is not an investment platform. But there is a funding platform within the Orange Group: Orange Digital Ventures.

    Not a co-working space

    Meaning we don't expect you to move offices. However, if you do need office space - Orange is willing to provide it.

    Not an early stage exploration accelerator

    We are looking for startups that have developed a product/service which constitutes an offer, an MVP. This means you should at least already have a couple of clients or established an initial user base.

    Not just a local accelerator

    During the 3-month acceleration phase, Orange Fab will principally focus on commercial collaboration with Orange Belgium & Luxemburg business units. After this period, if you want, you can leverage Orange's powerful international network and its presence in 29 countries, all the while continuing to develop your commercial relations in Belgium and /or Luxemburg.

  • Some examples


    Wandlee builds chatbots (automated software with artificial intelligence) to be used to sell products, promote brands and answer client questions on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack, Twitter, Amazon Echo, and text messages.


    Famoco, the laureate of Season 3 of Orange Fab France, markets a unique solution for secure professional NFC mobile terminals running Android.


    The solution is designed for enterprises looking for NFC readers that allow easy and secure mobile deployment of their professional applications.


    Within the framework of a commercial partnership, Famoco is accompanying Orange Money service in Africa. In Belgium, Famoco terminals are used to securely identify prepaid clients in seconds.

    Orange Digital Ventures also invested in the startup during their latest funding round.

  • 4 main domains and 16 sectors

    We are targeting startups coming from one of these domains.


    • Connected Objects
    • Drones
    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Home & Security Solutions
    • Smart Metering
    • Smart Mobility
    • Wearables


    • Communication & connectivity services
    • Fix and mobile convergence
    • Seamless wireless access
    • Unified Communication


    • Cloud gaming
    • New video experience
    • Video content aggregation


    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big Data
  • Acceptance & Selection criteria

    Do we have a match?

    Checklist of the main criteria’s to see if you would qualify for the selection phase and to make a pitch in front of a jury of experts.

    ✓ Want to develop your business in Belgium and/or Luxembourg with Orange

    ✓ Belgium or Luxembourg based mature startup / scale-up

    ✓ Active in one of the sectors we are targeting

    ✓ In line with Orange strategy
    ✓ Product is completed and constitutes an offer, you have at least a Minimum Viable Product

    ✓ Raised a first investment

    ✓ Business potential of the project

    ✓ High quality of the product presentation

    ✓ Team structure and competences

    ✓ Business potential of your venture

    ✓ ...

  • How to join?

    Applications are open, apply now and join the Orange Fab family.


    Submit the application

    Let us know why you would like to team up with Orange Fab.


    Sit tight and hold on

    We’ll check if your product or service is a fit for our business.


    Did you make it?

    If so, come pitch and show us what you got.


    Welcome to the Orange Fab family

    Be ready for three months of mentorship and a customized program to help you scale.

  • Applications for Season 2 are open

  • Mentors and Contributors

    You will be sponsored by a Member of the Executive Committee, guided by Orange intrapreneurs and Belgium and Luxembourg mentors from different partners.


    To make sure that the acceleration is relevant for your enterprise, each of the selected startups will define their own challenges together with Orange. This is not an off-the-shelf accelerator, it's a custom-built acceleration program designed to develop your commercial activity.

  • Orange and Start-ups

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  • News

    Some news from Orange Fab Belgium & Luxembourg.